Why This Project Exists

This project started in response to the death of my father, and, rather than memorialize just one life, I took it upon myself to build something that could be useful to others (especially family) who wished to know something about who we are without being dependent upon corporate social media. 

This site is then very much a site for archival. Its early state will be one of settling matters of organization and acquiring content. I hope I won't be alone in facilitating either of these things. Some of it will necessarily be archival, but I hope will inspire others to fill out living biographies as well. No claim of obligation is being made on anyone else to participate, but I would be grateful for any assistance.


Apocryphal stories and anecdotes are welcome, but I also hope to substantiate as much as feasible with documentation, with primary and secondary sources clearly marked as such for authenticity.

What Will Be Public?

Most informal discussion and questions from members will not be made deliberately public; hashing out the details of loved ones' lives may involve a lot of back and forth, and much uncertainty while research is being conducted. Privacy is also a concern, and so this site will never be open to advertising or third parties motivated by profit.

Also, in the case of media like radio or television shows family members have worked on, though it is my intention to archive them here in their completed state where able, it may involve copyrighted material not appropriate for public use. In order to avoid takedown notices, this material will only be made available to a limited membership with the understanding that it is not to be shared publicly elsewhere.

But a potential goal of these efforts will be to make public an account of our family's lives. Articles will be made available for this purpose which are acceptable to distribute beyond this site, with the permission and accepted consensus of everyone involved.

What This Project Is/Will Be

Who we are. Who we were. Why we miss those who have passed. Moments of life which can be explored, in time.

This is about family.